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Urban Garden returns to Nambour

Passion, Partnerships and Good Coffee:

Urban Garden returns to Nambour

Urban Garden is coming back to its original stomping ground, Nambour. You’ve probably heard the murmurs. Having been based at the Old Courthouse in Maroochydore since the beginning of 2015, Ty Chapman and the Urban Garden crew are in the process of opening a new store in Nambour on Bury Street, across from the library and council chambers.


“We started Urban Garden a year and a bit ago, people might have seen us in the little coffee cart in Nambour once upon a time, but we always had a bigger dream and to take the world on,” says Ty. “So we moved from there, we always knew we’d be back. Nambour is perfect for its culture and atmosphere, there’s a lot of opportunities here. We went to Maroochydore, built a base there and built credibility and then this opportunity popped up here.”

Coffee has always been a love for Ty and his wife, and business partner, but it wasn’t where he started. Ty worked in sales and with people for a long time, “I ran bigger company stores. Running teams. And while I did that my wife and I had a love for coffee, so we just started to build that realm, and eventually we loved it so much that we literally just wanted to take it on, and start to make coffee.”

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There’s a strong philosophy behind Urban Garden. The UG brand is all about passionate people, fostering creativity and breaking down barriers.

“I honestly just love seeing people do what they are passionate about, and unleashing their passion with that. That’s what keeps me motivated. That’s what urban garden is all about, unleashing people’s passions and encouraging them to do what they love. That story will build more and more as we grow obviously. We’re just trying to build what we love and share it with everyone else.”

“I find that if the people who persist even with all these barriers here that are the ones who actually achieve success. That’s probably one of the reasons a lot of people don’t do what they’re passionate about. They could be scared of losing jobs, not have security, not having all these luxuries. The reality is you do have to do that; you do have to take hits to build an empire to do what you want to do.”

The UG Nambour project began small, “we started off just wanting to open a basic espresso bar. Keep it simple, get the doors open and just kill it basically”.

“However, we decided to actually put ourselves on the map with this shop. ”

“We want people to walk in and think this shop is too expensive, like it blows them away. It’s probably a bit too much, it’s ridiculous for the Sunshine Coast, let alone Nambour; then they realize it’s coffee!”

Ty says they have invested a lot more than he thinks anyone else would, “that’s money, as well our own time”. He’s confident in the stores success, though, “we know this is going to be a success purely because it’s Nambour”.

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Urban Garden have partnered with a heap of local businesses and entrepreneurs to help get this new store up off the ground. Not wanting to give too much away, they’ve teamed up with the custom furniture company, Tessellate Furniture. As well as Shaka Welding.

“We’re [also] partnering with Divide coffee, the new kids on the block who are absolutely nailing it when it comes to education, innovation and quality of the coffee.”

“It’s basically a showroom for other people’s passions, metal work, furniture, coffee, design.”

Ty is also keen to bring some of Urban Garden’s trademarks to Nambour.

“We started Food Truck Alley because we just saw people passionate about food – I want to bring that to Nambour.”

“Eventually, we want to start a graff or art event down the alleyway beside our shop.”

And the all-important question of when Urban Garden Nambour will be opening. Ty says in the next few weeks, “Mid to late February”.

To stay up to date with Ty and Urban Garden check out their socials: Instagram @urbangarden_, Snapchat for behind the scenes, urban_garden, and, of course, Facebook.


Words & Photos – Ryan Mcneilly-Smith




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