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New In Town: Craftsman Tattoo

Link and Beno at Craftsman tattoo have set up shop on Short Street, and are already making a name for themselves in town. With over 30 years’ experience between them, in Australia and overseas, the guys made the move from Mooloolaba to Nambour. Since the official opening on 19th January, word (and picture) has been spreading about these talented tattoo artists.

Craftsman tattoo logo Craftsman Tattoo at work

With their shiny new shopfront for their space, we dropped by for a chat with Link about his tattooing community, and the decision to move to Nambour.

Moving to the coast five years ago was a change of scenery for Link “I started tattooing in ’88, and I worked all over, but you get sick of the city”.

He also shares his thoughts on relocating to Nambour, “Here in Nambour, you’ve got a good mix of folks… you have people who are homeless, there’s hipsters, families, hippies… The shop on Short Street just felt like the right place for us to set up. We were looking [at a different vacancy] in an arcade on Currie Street, but this one was a better fit for us. At the old shop in Mooloolaba, our clientele was more tourists… We wanted to be more community based, and we like the lifestyle here in Nambour. It just felt like the right time and place”

“Lee from Backbeat [Backbeat Records] was actually the one who suggested we come to Nambour. There’s a lot going on here, and there are a lot of small business and creative people. We’re a shop that is growing, and the business is our lifestyle. We are lucky to be here and we are in it for the long haul. You see so often, people start businesses and expect to make big money really quickly, and when they realise that’s not happening, they close down. They don’t realise that it is a lifestyle. Running a business… the shop is like a second home. You spend a lot of your time there, work there, and you also hang out and enjoy yourself there, it [running the shop] is a lifestyle, and I think it fits well with the lifestyle here.”

Tattoo shop wall

The shop is open Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm. 29c Short Street, Nambour. You can get in touch with them on Facebook, or call the shop on 54762777, or follow them on Instagram.

Words – Imarney McDonnell

Photos – Imarney McDonnell & Craftsman Tattoo

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