Coolihawk Espress


Their mission is to “give free coffee to those in need, and create a safe, dynamic environment for all”, down in the walkway between C-Square and Nambour Station you’ll find the friendliest, most socially conscious and community minded human beings you will ever meet.

Coolihawk Espress combines all the things that are great in this world: great coffee, and great wordplay. They’re the epitome of community spirit: I sat with my latte on one of the upcycled Astro-Turf-and-Milk-Crate seats, people watching as the train pulled into the station. In the time it took me to sip through my coffee, every single person who passed by the cart said hello to Alex (unofficial best barista in town) or stopped for a chat.

To my complete amazement, he knew EVERYBODY’S names. Every person who passed through for a coffee, a chat and a laugh. This is what it means to be part of a community. Be sure to pay a coffee (or a few) forward next time you pass through, someone will definitely appreciate it.


  • Awesome coffee
  • Supporting the community
  • Dapper gents who co-ordinate outfits (check their facebook)

You’ll like Coolihawk Espress



AMBIENCE: 4/10. Definitely better for people watching than relaxing.

SERVICE: 10/10


COFFEE: 10/10 (also had lactose free, hooray!)

LOCATION: 10/10. Right between the station and C-Square shops.

PEOPLE WATCHING: 9/10. Nambour, amiright?

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