Ayla at The Bison Bar

Those who were lucky enough to see the extremely talented singer-songwriter/pride of Nambour/ ethereal goddess Ayla play at The Bison Bar on Sunday afternoon were treated to an otherworldly, stripped-back acoustic experience. Currently running an East Coast tour of small venues, sans-band, Ayla answered a few questions for us here at Nambouring.

Ayla @ The Bison Bar

Did growing up on the sunshine coast have influence on your sound?
I was really lucky to grow up on a farm in a house on a hill with a beautiful view. I think having those experiences – growing up with animals around me and a lot of space to run around – definitely influenced who I am as a person, and thus my ‘sound’ I guess, and I wouldn’t have wanted to grow up in any other environment. I love living on the Sunshine Coast. It’s really laid back and I love the beach.

What made you decide to go on an acoustic tour of some very special small venues?
I did a few band shows in November last year straight after releasing the EP. I thought it would be nice to do some intimate solo/duo show as well to be able to showcase the songs in a more stripped-back format, more like how they were when I wrote them. It has been really lovely to play these intimate shows and get a great connection with the crowd.

Ayla Ayla @ The Bison Bar

With national radio play and sizeable success that you have already achieved, is it a strange feeling to come back to somewhere like nambour?Do more people recognise you around town, or is life pretty much the same?
It’s pretty normal to come back to Nambour actually, because I live there now! I think the Bison Bar is a fantastic venue and had a lot of fun playing there. I like playing shows on the Sunshine Coast, for the people who have supported me for the longest.

Is there anything that you think could nurture and grow live music in Nambour and on the Sunshine Coast?
I think the lift on the decibel limit on live music would be a great thing. There are a few venues around the town that now have original music, which is great. I think getting a few more special events happening around the town with bigger named artists is really helpful, and there’s been a bit of that happening already as well. I think Nambour has a lot of potential to become a really great music hub on the Coast – and it’s already becoming so.

Ayla will be supporting Kate Miller-Heidke on a national tour in February and March. Like her on Facebook, or check her website to listen and download singles and her latest release “When The World Ends’

Words – Imarney McDonnell

Photos – Cynthia Lee


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