Andrea Kirwin: thoughts on Nambour

Andrea Kirwin is the new star in town, and she brings her island style roll everywhere she goes. Playing cafes and venues all over the coast, including the Solbar and Caloundra Music Festival, you might have heard her music. She has just released her second studio album and is currently touring around the Sunshine Coast, and down the east-coast. Andrea and her band made a pit-stop home in Nambour last Friday for a free gig in the heart of Nambour at C-Square, presented by C-Square and BalconyTV.

After only living in Nambour for just over a year, I had a chat with Andrea, asking what her opinion of Nambour was before moving here.

“Actually the first time we drove through Nambour we thought it wasn’t somewhere we would want to live. It seemed quite industrial and we couldn’t really see much in the way of cafes, venues etc. Which is something I always look out for as a musician.”

Her perception has changed though, she says that there is a creative culture emerging, “[Nambour] has a real arts, music and coffee culture developing. It’s got some great little stores that are bringing more young people into the area. We love it!”

Having grown up in Townsville, Andrea enjoys living in Nambour because it reminds her of home. She’s also loving all the happenings in town, “I’ve seen some great buskers outside the local Woolies and some awesome live music acts at the Bison Bar too. C-Square and Majestic Cinemas are really starting to take off too! It was fun shooting a BalconyTV clip in Nambour the other week.”

Andrea is a truly original, independent Australian artist, having produced and released both her albums under her own record label, Peace Run Records. The label was founded in 2009, with the aim of allowing musicians to run an independent music career in a peaceful way, promoting a balance between family life and creativity. Her music can best be described a mix of hip-hip, folk, funk and soul, her Fijian roots also shine though.

Everyone has a difference of opinion on what’s good in Nambour, so I asked Andrea what places she’d take new comers to Nambour.
“First, I would start the morning off by visiting the Time Machine and check out some records. Because that was the first place I went in Nambour that made me say, ‘I love this place!’. There’s a cool new cafe on the ground floor too…and if we’re lucky ‘Blue’ the local dog might be there and up for a pat. That’s always a good start to your day. Secondly, I’d take them for a walk down Queen St and maybe get something vegan/gluten free from Husk and Honey. After that we’d go see a movie at Majestic Cinemas and then we’d head to the Nook and Cranny for a pizza. Finally, we’d finish the night off with a trip to the Bison Bar to see who’s playing that night. All we need now is a late night gelato/cafe bar to open up in C-Square and that’s a pretty rad day right there!”

When asked what she anticipates for the future of Nambour, she’s hopeful and sees a lot of potential.

“If local businesses can support the arts and music scene, we will really see the community come together to support local events and shop locally.”

She also hopes Brisbane based artists will see what Nambour is becoming and settle here, “hopefully we can promote Nambour as an Arts and entertainment precinct and encourage more Brissie based artists to make the move!”

“I look forward to supporting this vision of Nambour over the coming years!”

Check out Andrea Kirwin’s Facebook page for all the details on where she’ll be playing next. You can also grab her new album, ‘The Story of Us’ online.

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